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Dr Dennis Ng

Knee Specialist in Singapore
Focusing on Minimally Invasive Keyhole and Knotless Repair Techniques

Dr Dennis Ng applies his extensive experience in minimally invasive techniques to knee conditions. Dr Ng ensures that professional athletes receive the care they need for recovery.
Knee Surgeon Singapore

Knee Services

  • Computer Assisted And Robotic Knee Surgery
  • Joint Revision Surgery (Complex Joint Replacement)
  • Knee Arthroscopy (Keyhole Surgery)
  • Knee Joint Replacement
  • Knee Injections
  • Joint Lubricant Injection For OA Knee
  • Complex Trauma


Knee pain can interfere with daily activities such as walking, running or even getting off your bed. Knee injuries are often caused by overuse, sports and trauma. Delaying treatment is never recommended as the knee is made up of delicate muscle and cartilage that can suffer irreparable damage.

Dr Dennis Ng is a senior orthopaedic knee specialist in Singapore who is experienced in diagnosing and treating knee pain. His patients include many professional athletes. We offer same day appointments so that you can seek immediate medical attention for effective knee pain relief.

Our knee treatments are affordable and we also provide assistance with insurance and medisave claims.

Non-surgical options will always be considered first, in case of more severe injuries that require surgery. Dr Dennis is well-trained in minimally invasive techniques for lower risk and faster recovery.

Prior to recommending treatment options for your knee injuries, a proper clinical evaluation will be done by Dr Dennis. Imaging modalities such as X-rays and/or MRI may be required depending on the clinical history and examination by Dr Dennis. These can be done within the same building and on the same day. Book an appointment with our knee specialist in Singapore today.



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